Hydrotherapy For Pets

Heated Pool

After an illness or injury, your pet will recover more quickly and completely with Animotion's rehabilitative care. Our heated pool offers buoyancy, resistance and a graduated entrance, making hydrotherapy a great option for strengthening muscles and building endurance.

Underwater Treadmill

Low-impact walking in our glass-walled, underwater treadmill with variable speeds and resistance jets provides low impact exercise in a reduced gravity environment. This treatment combines heat therapy of warm water with strengthening exercise while eliminating impact and concussion to the joints, which builds muscle and provides cardiovascular conditioning with minimal joint stress. The benefits of underwater treadmill therapy are numerous. It allows dogs to exercise with less pain. Weak, unbalanced and arthritic pets can move around more freely without falling. It allows an earlier return to exercise after surgery. The underwater treadmill can also be used for weight loss.

At Animotion, we filter and use water from our therapy pool in our underwater treadmill to respect the environment by reducing waste and conserving water.

Our Rehabilitation Services

Learn more about the unique medical care, treatment and services that we provide to your pet in our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center by clicking on the links below.